7 Gallon Diaper Pail

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Made from recycled plastic, this line of Diaper Pails is ever growing in popularity with enviro-friendly mommies, daddies and babies everywhere!

You may have noticed cloth diaper pails for less money at other stores but we feel that the superior quality and many added features unique to our diaper pail are worth the few extra dollars you'll spend. If you pay close attention to many of the other 'diaper pails' on the market, they are not much more than expensive trash cans. Our pails will keep odor in, pets & toddlers out and keep your house free of that nasty dirty diaper smell! Many a daddy has declared that this diaper pail is a MUST for successful cloth diapering! This pail is even a great idea for disposable diaper users! And a returning feature is warmly welcomed! The diaper pails will have the teddy bear filter again! Other distributors don't want to pay the extra expense, but we know that this is an important feature, so our pails are a little more expensive, but these highly sought after pails are worth every penny!

*Locking handles (locked & unlocked) keep curious toddlers and pets out! (only available on 7 & 14 gallon)

*Made from super sturdy, heavy-duty recycled plastic

*Square dimension make for a great fit between the toilet and the tub.

  • 7 gallon pail measures 13"x13"x15"
  • 14 gallon pail measures 16"x16"x18"

A few words about shipping our cloth diaper pails You might assume that shipping such a large object would be too expensive and impractical. We though so too but it's not true!! We searched high and low to find the most efficient packaging. There are no oversized package charges when shipping FedEx ground and this is also the method we strongly recommend using. However, should you require expedited shipping, FedEx is not so practical. Using any of their expedited shipping methods will incur quite a large surcharge.  If you are going to choose an expedited shipping option, please choose USPS Priority or Express Mail. While they are not guaranteed delivery options like FedEx, they are significantly less expensive!! No need to add on costly surcharges!

Need a large quantity? We'll check on freight rates with local trucking companies to find the least expensive shipping option for you! No need to specify anything, we'll do the checking automatically and adjust your invoice accordingly.

Are you part of the growing trend of diaper services now offering smaller pails with twice weekly pick ups?  You should consider it!  More people are turning to cloth diapering but have issues with small homes or apartment dwelling and need a service in order to do cloth, but have little to no space or can't deal with the odor from a week's worth of diapers. Our diaper services currently offering this special option are doing extremely well and more customers would be willing to consider cloth diaper services if they didn't have to handle the smell from old, dirty diapers or had a small pail that would fit in their tiny bathrooms.

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